Character Profile: Wolverine
by Matthew Brady, Wizard #56

A mutant by birth, Logan was the subject of a secret program sponsored by the Canadian government to create the ultimate secret agent: Weapon X. Undergoing the program's tortuous procedures against his will, Logan had adamantium molecularly fused to his skeleton, rendering his bones virtually unbreakable. Part of the adamantium process manifested itself as three one-foot long retractable claws hat projected from the back of each of his hands.

Escaping into the Canadian wilderness, Logan wandered naked with no memories of his previous life, until he was found by scientist James Hudson, the man in charge of forming Alpha Flight, Canada's government-sanctioned superteam. Recuperating quickly--due to his mutant healing power--Logan became one of Alpha Flight's most valuable members and took the code name Wolverine.

Logan later...joined Prof. Charles Xavier's second team of X-Men...Throughout many of the X-Men's battle, Logan has been the team's last hope, fighting back from near-insurmountable odds...

Never a team player for long, Logan has often struck out on his own...he's faced some of the world's mightiest villians and heroes, battling to a victory or a standstill...

Still unaware of his true origin, many of Logan's adventures have led him to sites that were significant in his past...Logan has learned that many of his memories are only memory implants apparently inserted when he received his adamantium, and that the Weapon X program may have had a much darker purpose than he ever imagined.



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This is a must for any Wolverine fan. Horrific, compelling and riveting this is indeed a dark tale!

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