Weapon X Files
by Matthew Brady, Wizard Tribute Edition: Wolverine, 1996.

The dispute:

It has been made very clear...that Wolverine has been around for a long time. If you believe all the versions of his history, Wolverine was raised in the woods by kindly wolverines, danced with wolves on the American prarie, fought in the Spanish Civil War in 1937, fought against Nazis with Captain America in World War II, and was a soldier for the CIA and the Canadian government during the Civil War.

In telling the tale of how Wolverine got his adamantium [Marvel Comics Presents #72-#84], [Barry] Windsor-Smith firmly anchored the mutant's beginning to a specific point in time--namely, 1964.

...[Larry] Hama has revealed that the Weapon X program that gave Wolverine his adamantium also gave him his memory implants. That means Hama is free to say what was real and what had been implanted...

Instead of just creating Wolverine, Weapon X was the lab that created covert super-soldiers for Canada...responsible for Sabretooth, Silver Fox, Maverick, Mastodon, and presumably many others.

It is assumed that he is Canadian by birth, but this has yet to be confirmed...The only truly personal piece of information that Wolverine has revealed about himself is that he is known to some by the name "Logan."

Pre 21st Century:

The earliest chronological Wolverine story was "Heir Aid," from Wolverine #25...The tale told of a young boy (resembling Wolverine) who was cast out from his own people because he was small and weak. The boy, suffering from amnesia and wandering aimlessly, was befriended by wolverines and raised as one of their own. Over time, the boy adopted the instincts of an animal but maintained the intellect of a man...Thus, if Wolverine was indeed the boy in "Heir Aid,", he may be hundreds of thousands of years old.

The story ["Wild Frontier", Marvel Comics Presents #93-98] shows a pre-adamantium Wolverine...dancing with wolves as an adopted member of a Blackfoot Indian tribe in the 1840s...This story arc also hints at Wolverine's possible immortality and his experiences in and out of the current time stream.

In that tale ["24 Hours", Wolverine #9-#10]...The story shows a young Wolverine battling Sabretooth, who had just raped and killed Wolverine's Native American lover, Silver Fox...The story appeared to be set during the Gold Rush circa circa 1840...[but] until the mid-20th century, Canada had many rugged frontier towns, so the story doesn't necessarily have to date back to the 1840s...The entire "24 Hours" episode may have been a memory implant, as it has since been revealed that Silver Fox hadn't ever died and still was alive in the present...

21st Century:

Blood and Claws" (Wolverine #35-#37) marks the next appearance of Wolverine...Set in 1937 Spain, the story shows Wolverine, Puck, and Lady Deathstrike taking part in the Spanish Civil War...




This graphic novel explores the time Wolverine spent in Japan. It is a tragic tale of loss and

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