-- ONE --

Cold air on my face
Grass beneath my feet
White light below a pale,
Golden Moon

A halo of exuberance
Worlds of expectations that collide
With the fluttering of wings

Radiant abode of peace
Lying there, in the dark
Quietly mourning

Opalescent leaves
The moisture of autumn rain
Winter's rage

A fortress toppled
Crushed stone upon stone
Blending with the forest


-- TWO --

Two Lovers Seeking solace
Trying to escape
Prying eyes and

Lovers that feed their fires
With lack of reason

In the rain
Breathing heavily
Battling for words
And finding none

With pick axes
That wear away their defenses
Slow and deep

Songs of surrender
A Siren's call

Two Lovers...
Destined to fall


-- THREE --

I didn't realize
I had been holding
My breath all this time
Hoping we wouldn't break

Smoky eyes, reflective
Like a child-Wild
Curled in your arms
Young. Just a girl

Saying nothing as your fingers
Trace invisible patterns in my hair
Some part of me saddened,
Fragile. Not always there.

So simple in the end
To let you in


Soft, luxuriant sensations
Peace after the storm
A quiet burning that I will now hide
And cherish
Because it's mine