Assume the dark
Turn away the goodness of your words
Refuse my tears
I'll grow thicker skin just for you
There's nothing that you can say that
Will make this ache less arduous
I looked up and saw the clouds part for me
I'm still feeling lonely
But I can't reveal the fever, the late nights
The tangled fingers
The hateful sting you've caused
The lashings I must endure
To once again be pure
I touch myself, hold myself in your place
My eyes slits, looking yet not seeing
Tell me what you want me to do
It only takes a word I'm not as strong as you think
And you know I will give in
In the twilight of my collapse
I'm unable to pick myself up
My head swimming
I need to clear that up
Please, I need to breathe
Something other than your skin
I don't remember falling
I just laughed my way into this corner
Drink the remainder of my innocence
It's not like anything else makes sense
Pull the plug on my heart
Cut it into pieces
And blend it with my fear
Because I, Am no longer here