It's funny how after a while
your mind stops drifting
And you become clear, equable;
The serene and soothing surface of a lake
No riples, no tide, no waves
Just a refined polished surface reflecting the clouds

Beyond that temporal surface
A rocky and dark bottom terrorizes the intruder

Life washes over me like a warm breeze
Nothing too extreme
Not a single thing that can change me
I am eternal
The passions of every woman
When she looks into the ocean

No rage now
Only an extemporaneous sadness
Each moment's knowledge of the inevitable
Sand falling through my fingers
Being washed away by saltiness
Tears fall and are swallowed

No resentment, no anguish, no pain
I do not lack any particular thing
No sudden fluctuations of
The murderous and treacherous mood
Just melodious music,
An inner hum of contentment
Knowing that I will not break
Will not splinter like hardwood
Rather bend and sway
Like reeds in the wind