Lost in a paradise of lies
Moving through the streets of this lonely city
Passing through slivers of shadows and light
I walk on the grates hoping to get swallowed
Drawn faces, hunched bodies,
Bearing the weight of the world
How it bends us to its will, how it damages our faces,
Our resolve
The lost leading the lost
I keep my head down
Don't want anybody to see me like this
Not now
No longer beautiful, disheveled
Tears making their way to the surface
Slowly, deeply

Last night
My dreams stretched out like sinful screams
Tearing my head apart with questions
In the dark we are not all the same
And I'm tempted to set aside my fears
Put down the little, white lies
And face the truths that I cannot bear
I feel like I've just walked out of a plane crash
Can barely keep my eyes from closing
My head hurts

I'm bleeding
Endless spaces,
This landscape that traps me
Traveling through this tunnel every morning to the Collective
I don't want to work
A quarter after ten

I called you and you weren't there
I reached out
Knowing that you wouldn't be there much longer
A long lost love, in a book
In my fucking head
My pathetic, insubstantial reality
With no legs

I can't eat
Hungry only for those things I cannot have
I have to care for the both of us

A fire.

There is life after death

Disjointed thoughts that come and go
I don't know where I stand anymore
I don't know what we believe in
I want unconsciousness
A dark comer in the woods where I can think
Away from you
Why don't you just leave me alone

Soon I will take us and bum us
Destroy us, I will topple our unholy temple
Of nothings

There are wrongs that are right
And I won't hide the fact that I'm confused
That I'm closing in on myself
Precariously, murdering us
Ending us
When did us happen
From this moment I have to move on
A violin that plays our song
Deceitful moments
Late in the evening, the sun rising
Yet setting on my mood
My heart sinking, smashing against your extreme pain
Your loneliness that rips me in half
Your clear and beautiful eyes
Don't argue with me
I see beyond all your imagined strength
Your thick, thick walls
Your endless bravado
Your fears
All those things that you use against me
Against my stare
My hands on your skin
My lips
My words
My feelings

I am powerless to help you because
I can't even help myself
My hands are tied
Release me
Release me
I'm begging you