I know why your heart beats faster...in my presence.
I know why your body becomes…hard…
And rises to meet me.
My skin is not frozen like snow
Or even American TV-diners.
It is warm and supple like mild summer breezes,
Like islands basking in heat and erupting with
Flavor and wild flowers of a brightness
You could not have conceived of before me…
You were familiar; intimate friends with…
The winter solstice.

I am not she who takes what is given
And accepts blindly that the world
Is as cold as Her belly.
I, I move with the fierceness of War-
Yet I tremble like ochre palms in the wind.
Not snow, but rain…rain
That is my anger, quick to pour
With the rage of the hurricane.

If you survive, you will see, will feel
That the same gusts which burned before
Become agents of all that is
Soft and seductive and yours…
So that my curves,
Now so plainly yours
Embrace you, swallow you
Merge with you until I am a ghost;
A memory of all that is terrible
And now terribly yours.

You take me in, always withholding
Knowing that as I sigh and return you to Earth
I remind you of your indomitable weakness
That the moment…
Has already gone.

I smell of clay and moist soil
And you deceive yourself in believing
That you can Mold me or even
Carve into me with you fingernails.
I'll bleed…from your scratches.
And in one, single, unstoppable tear
You'll see your demise…

At first you'll sweat in pride
It will feel like magic to turn summer into winter
So quickly…
And as my tear falls,
It freezes…
Before long, single tears pool in Her...
Now...my belly, and the cold,
Like desert sands spreads…
And spreads…and spreads,
Like my legs once did for you


Immobilizing along the way
Screaming a last primal groan
And in that lament which escapes
My heavenly lips
You come face to face with fear
As she grips you with icy hands.

On warmer days, with that fear still lodged
Between your eyes,
When you dare think of my heat and of Her coldness,
Remember that Her icebergs
Were once active volcanoes that
You! have rendered dormant,
A lush rain forest that magically
You! Transformed into a tundra…
And when my frozen stare turns from you
And becomes warm and inviting and hot again
You will cringe within that palace of ice
And feel your heart beat involuntarily rise,
Live, and become excited by my
Hurricane limbs and feet of clay,
My wild hair of sea foam and palms
My scent of summer and
My all-swallowing curves

You will hear my heartbeat, see as my pupils dilate
As they once did at your approach
And observe my pulse increase,
Like the rhythm of the base drums
As I march my warring armies
Towards another.