One must be born of water and of the spirit
One must be born a woman

Open, vulnerable
Soft, gullible,
Vicious, malicious, vile
Desperate and unchanging
An Ocean of turmoil
Loins that catch fire, then bleed
Hair that reaches out like manacles
Velvet lips that kiss
That seduce and whisper
Fits of red rage
Uncontrollable outbursts
Discontinued thoughts
Blank, meaningless expressions
Jeweled and spiked passion
Skin that crucifies,
Eyes that pacify
With every stare I see the tigers caged in there
Beautiful and gentle
Desirable and distant
Breasts leaking milk
Raw passions
Inflamed eyes

A silhouette dancing in the moonlight
Beneath the stars

Hearing ancient cries
Hearing the earth,
Hearing God
When He too was Woman