Why infamous women?
Why not women that contributed in positive ways?

Well for one, I find that infamous women are far more interesting. They defied the strictures of their sex, the social conventions of their time and quite simply got their way. Their short lives are marked by drama, intrigue and have often ended in violent deaths. It seems that we know all about the men of our culture whether they are famous or infamous, but what of the leading ladies that chaged the course of empires through their evil machinations? Here's to their criminal ways. As for the Joan of Arc's and Mother Teresa's I will create a section for them too...all in good time.I have chosen my own photographs for this section and have gathered information from various texts. This is but a small summary of each of these women's lives. The only pages completed thus far are those listed below. This section is under construction. If you are curious about the lineup here's the list: Queen Nitocris, Empress Messalina, Empress Agrippina, Empress Wu, Empress Irene, Eadburga, Shajar Al-Durr, Queen Isabella of France, Joanna of Naples, Isabelle of Bavaria, Margaret of Anjou, Lucrezia Borgia, Roxelana, Catherine de Medici, Frances Howard, Madame de Brinvilliers, Charlotte Corday, George Sand (Aurore Dudevant), Mata Hari, and the possible cameos of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Veronica Franco, Bonnie Parker, female pirates and more.

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